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The Flight. By courtesy of Juanjo Fuster.
Web site of Zaragoza City Council
Dabadaba Revival Project: A retro world at your feet.
Torremolinos Chic: a tribute to the golden age of Costa del Sol.
Cartele: "Pictures badly taken by amateur photographers with cheap cameras of things that everybody sees". This is how the CARTELE team defines their page. A compilation of peculiar, amazing and disquieting posters found in the public via.
Santo Tipo: "Neither collage nor painting nor design: arranquismo". Interesting project that briefly described consists on passing to usable font in a computer the found ones in the street posters.
Press Notes:
You can download interviews and videos on Zaragoza de Luxe appeared in different media and they will help you to understand the spirit of this page.

--Video of the Zaragoza de Luxe content premiere. (Windows Media file: "ZaragozadeLuxe01.wmv", 2,80 MBytes). DOWNLOAD
--Article in the dominical supplement of Heraldo de Aragón newspaper, October 2002. (File "", 1,56 MBytes). DOWNLOAD
--Video-interview in Antena Aragón TV. (Windows Media File: "ZaragozadeLuxe02.wmv", 4,30 MBytes). DOWNLOAD
--Part of a Video-interview in RTVA. (Windows Media File: "ZaragozadeLuxe03.wmv", 5,90 MBytes). DOWNLOAD
--Interview for RedAragon Web site. Page of the month, March 2003. READ INTERVIEW (SPANISH)
--Interview in Heraldo de Aragón newspaper. (Click right button and "save target as" PDF file: "heraldo160503.pdf", 1.26 MBytes). DOWNLOAD
--Video-interview in TVE2. (Windows Media File: "ZaragozadeLuxe04.wmv", 6,00 MBytes). DOWNLOAD
--Last showroom pictures. "En la frontera". Open

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