GAY, Zaragoza GAY

These department stores were an institution in the 60s and 70s in Zaragoza and a referent of endless commercial modernity. Its building of Alfonso Street was a landmark in the capital city of the Ebro River.

Its name comes from its founder Jose Luis Gay reason why it had no sexual connotation unless when you travelled in those days to London taking bags of these department stores. What a great scandal in the capital city of the Thames.

Carpy, Zaragoza CARPY

Brilliant fašade of this establishment located in the middle of Alfonso Street. It has nothing to do with the classic appearance of the street.

Mirrors, brightness and more bronze mirrors try to catch people's attention and blind those who go to the Basilica of El Pilar.

La Casa de las Batas HOUSECOATS HOUSE
Alfonso Sector

We know that the modern woman does not use this garment a long time ago and she prefers now the jogging suit.

In any case, it is proved that the housecoat was a prestige garment in old decades.

Confecciones Pujol PUJOL CLOTHING
Sector Calle Alfonso

Judging by the typography of the sign just as it is called "Pujol clothing " would be possible to have been called "Sex Pistols clothing".

There is a signboard in its shop window that says "sale by retirement". This made us think that perhaps it was not a PUNK Catalan clothes store.

Retales Avenida AVENUE OFFCUTS

Located in Las Fuentes District this sign seems to be taken from the Spanish comic "The Gilda Sisters".

Jamones Argari, Zaragoza ARGARI HAMS

What a magnificent cubist fašade of glazed tiles that of this hams shop.

The submarine motifs design makes us suspect that this local could previously be a fish market. It is located in Las Fuentes district.

Art and gastronomy in aid of urban aesthetic.

Bombonera Oro, Zaragoza GOLD SWEETS SHOP
C/ Coso

It is not a montage. Psychotropic apparition of the 70s orange taste levitating over the worried walker and flanked by crystal buildings.

The sweets shop with no better name than "Gold" announces its location in the heart of the Aragonese Wall Street.

Zurita Street

Look this splendid stainless steel shop window of this known mattress trademark with shop windows of the type SPACE ODDITY/SPACE 1999.


Located near El Tubo Street its fašade design combines art-deco and Chinese restaurant art with a pop typography.


A classic store in the commercial area of Alfonso Street as an example of toothing stone fašade.

These types of shop signs are usually oriented in function of the traffic direction so that drivers can read it. The problem is when the traffic technicians change traffic directions and then NOBODY can read the shop sign.


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