Exclusive place for multimillionaires maños (maños is the name given to some people of Aragón ) who needed to have in Zaragoza their small Somosaguas (a Madrilenian housing development exclusive for multimillionaires).

To give it a Madrilenian touch, the name remembers us to the one of the kingdom capital airport and the typography of the sign remembers us to the credit tittles of any yeye film of Paco Martínez Soria. (Aragonese actor of the 60s and 70s).

Campana transportadora de materia TRIBUTE (?) TO PACO MARTINEZ SORIA
Grande Park

It had to be an enemy of the actor the one who perpetrated such a thing.
The head of Paco Martinez Soria (which is absolutely different from the actor) emerging from what seems to be a kitchen extractor, surrounded by a kind of installation similar to a cosmic material transporter.
Realmente inquietante... MONUMENT? TO THE DIESEL TRACTION
RENFE, (national net of Spanish trains) Installations, Highway to Logroño

In 1970, something as simple as to indicate a warehouse of RENFE became an excuse to develop a complicated monolith impossible to describe.

This "creation" struggles between a gigantic MTV award and the decoration of a funeral vault.
El primo de R2D2 de servicio en Zaragoza LUMINOUS BEACON
María Agustín Avenue

This kind of beacon that looks like something between a small R2D2 and a disco pub lamp decorated our city in previous decades.

We point out the only example that still exists and that we suppose will disappear soon because there is already a project to reshape this area.
Santo Portero Automático, Edificio Cóndor CONDOR BUILDING
Teruel Avenue

One of the entryphones of the Cóndor Building inspired clearly by the Adoration of the Saint Pillar in the Basilica of El Pilar showed in the small picture.

When you are near it in order to speak by the microphone it is disquieting to see your head reflected by all its sides in the great golden concavity.

Paraíso Square

Although this construction had to be placed in the architecture section it has such a great number of details to be emphasized that it would deserve a complete section. We point out its mailbox and this commemorative "picture" of its central offices. We do not know if it is due to some anniversary or if it was a present for the most faithful employees.

In any case, it was given back to the flea market immediately where we bought it for 1 euro only to take photograph of it.


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